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picto croix destinations Folie Douce val d'isère picto croix destinations Folie Douce

Immerse yourself totally

  • cabaretevery day from 12:30pm to 2pm
    Every year, the highest cabaret in the world returns to offer you an unforgettable moment with family or friends. Dance, music and costumes, will be at this rendezvous ensuring an exceptional, open-air moment.

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  • clubbingevery day from 2pm to 5pm
    Performers, aerialists, DJs, singers and musicians invite you every afternoon to achieve your best. Discover the made in Folie Douce après-ski and leave with nothing but memories in your head.

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Groupes et séminaires | La Folie Douce Val d'Isère


La Folie Douce also knows how to make custom-made events and it is therefore with your listening that the whole team will create the event which answers your needs. Lunch, cocktail party, gala evening or other, La Folie Douce modulates and personalizes all its offers for an event that your collaborators will keep in memory.
  • la veranda every day from 12pm to 5pm
    Experience Folie Douce in a different way thanks to La Veranda which offers a panoramic view of the mountains and our cabaret and clubbing.



  • every monday

  • WTF Party Val d'Isère

    every wednesday

  • every friday

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    La Daille Gondola
    73150 Val d'Isère

    opening time

    December 3rd 2022
    9am - 5pm