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Accessible on foot by the gondola des Villards [FREE] or skiing

Opening July 3

Opening July 3, 2021
  • A great address in Arc 1800

    An address to recommend ! Come and relax after a sportive day in this idyllic place with a view on the mountain and the golf course. The team is very nice, the rates are affordable and this summer there are lots of free games for the children. A great atmosphere!
    Solène M
  • Excellent

    Beautiful setting, warm welcome, great food and fun activities for children. Excellent for summer holidays in the mountains.
  • A magical place

    An idyllic setting, an adorable team, healthy and delicious food, music, a folie.....douce! To consume without moderation.
  • This trip is one of the most beautiful that we made with our family, La Folie Douce is really the ideal place for the families, with beautiful services for the children, we did not have time to be bored with our program full of discoveries and first times, a no-fault.
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    Summer 21

    La Folie Douce is constantly adapting, innovating and reinventing itself.

    So it’s no surprise that this summer, La Folie Douce Les Arcs puts children, families and friends in the spotlight. The spirit of La Folie Douce remains unchanged, therefore you’ll be sure to find authenticity, generous cuisine, performers, an atmosphere to unite and entertaining activities, a definite delight for all. The terrace is transformed into a real hotspot for every taste, playful, whilst sporty and full of surprising activities. So, from July 3rd, we look forward to seeing you grace our terrace daily from 9am to 9pm. La Folie Douce Les Arcs, free access with the Villards cable car.


    For your enjoyment, the restaurant at Les Arcs is open. La Petite Cuisine is prepped with a brand new show, set to the sizzle of a locally sourced menu, carefully thought out by our chefs.


    With days set to the beat of our DJ and to the tune of singers, there’s no better way to savor the valley’s remarkable sunsets than from our terrace. Performances from 5pm to 9pm


    When it comes to enjoyment we have all generations covered with a wide array of recreational, sportive and free activities on site. Whether your folie be, pétanque or table football, games for children, volleyball or a spot of mini-golf, we have thought of it all. We are also including, various wooden games and games of skill into the mix, indeed with so many possibilities there’s guaranteed fun-filled days, nestled in the heart of nature. In addition, activities with our local collaborators are available, such as electric ATV rides with Evolution2 or yoga sessions.


    Don't be afraid to get bored with the many events planned throughout the week. Expect BBQ Party, Apéro Sunset, animal watching, yoga classes, Zumba Pound, circus or dance initiation, to name a few treats. All designed to spice up your days with a dose of discovery and good spirit!


    Whether your needs be seminars or lunches, business meals or banquets, we can propose an offer adapted to your needs. Additionally, for added intimacy, we offer evening privatisations in the evening. All requests should be forwarded to our sales department at :

    Find the "Folie Douce" outfits in our shop as well as all the last essential accessories for your holidays in the mountains

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    Lieu de réception pour vos événements

    Seminars, business lunches or banquets ... we have designed menus specifically for you. We can welcome you at noon for a lunch between your activities or in the evening as part of a privatization.
    For all inquiries, please contact our sales department at:

    agenda summer 2021

    Thursday august 5th from 6p.m.

    Aperol X La Folie Douce is the next level Apero Sunset ! Come and enjoy with us a magnificent sunset while sipping a Spritz ! Meet us from 6pm on the terrace of La Folie Douce to take part in the proposed activities!

    Monday august 12th from 9 a.m. to 12p.m.

    Go hiking with Kimberfeel on Monday August 12th at La Folie Douce! Take advantage of the availability of backpacks to discover this brand!
    Warning there are only 20 places!

    Link to register

    Every Wednesday from 12 p.m. :
    Barbeuc Party

    What would a summer be without a barbecue on the terrace? Our chef will prepare a sumptuous barbecue every Wednesday at noon to share with family or friends on the terrace of La Folie Douce.
    Day can be modified according to the weather.

    Every Wednesday from 3.30 p.m. to 4.30 p.m. :
    Le mercredi tout est permis !

    Wednesday is kids' day, so bring your little ones to La Folie Douce to make cookies! With Stephanie's help, each child will be able to prepare and leave with his or her own cookie bag.
    This free workshop is offered to children from 5 years old.

    Every Thursday from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. :
    Apéro Sunset

    The terrace of La Folie Douce offers a breathtaking view of the sunset. Enjoy with us this grandiose show every Thursday evening, while sipping a Spritz.

    Every Friday from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. :
    Run & Breakfast

    Are you one of those people who get up before the others to do sports? The Run & Breakfast is for you! With our coach, run through Les Arcs and then enjoy a healthy breakfast on the terrace of La Folie Douce.
    25 € per person.

    Every Sunday from 4 p.m. to 5.30 p.m. :
    Yoga family

    Enjoy a family activity with a yoga session for all. The session is followed by a healthy snack. Starting at 3 years old.
    Equipment included in the session price of 18€ per person.

    Thursday July 22th from 2p.m. to 9p.m.

    Come and enjoy a special day with Rasurel at La Folie Douce!

    The program: petanque contest, the Rasuroulette and to finish the Apéro Sunset!
    And of course lots of goodies to win!
    See you at 2pm on the terrace of La Folie Douce for the beginning of the contest.

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    Like the Groups other sites, La Folie Douce Les Arcs is part of an eco-responsible approach. The establishment of Folie Douce at altitude requires flawless organisation, especially with its materials. The chalets are integrated into their natural environment, mixing local materials: stones, wood and slate. The establishments are also part of the local economic landscape. Thus, when it come to the kitchens, a regional approach is favoured thanks to partnerships with producers within the area who value local products. For several years, waste has been sorted on site. Carton compactors and glass grinders were installed to reduce the initial volume by 5 times. In addition, the consumption of plastic has been significantly reduced through the use of straws and cardboard bags, glass bottles or cans, much easier to recycle. Finally, the buildings are heated in part by the deported groups of refrigerators, which allows almost zero energy consumption.



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