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The Haute-Tarentaise Dairy Cooperative

Today we invite you to meet our alpagist Christian Juglaret. His work at the cooperative and his love for his cows can only be felt on our plates!

Five months at altitude in the Beaufortain mountains, surrounded by his 200 Tarine cows we see the summer rhythm of Christian Juglaret, a passionate farmer from Bourg-Saint-Maurice who also runs the Haute-Tarentaise Dairy Cooperative. A product as emblematic as Beaufort had to be produced and supplied by someone who is committed to promoting local products. La Folie Douce is therefore happy to be able to offer this Beaufort on its terraces, whilst also ensuring the authenticity of local products.

Meet Christian Juglaret (video)




La Daille Gondola
73150 Val d'Isère

opening time

December 3rd 2022
9am - 5pm