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The Gardens of quincy

Today we head to the Quincy Gardens! Gregoire Ballansat makes us discover the most beautiful vegetables of his land to put colour in our dishes.

It is a few kilometres north-west of Annecy that we find Grégoire Ballansat. Hailing from a family of farmers, Grégoire Ballansat mainly grows tomatoes and courgettes in the summer and then, when winter comes, he turns his hand to squash, turnips, butternuts, etc. Concerned about the quality of his products and his land, Grégoire does not use any product to treat his vegetables when not needed, which allows him to have natural, healthy and delicious harvests.

Meet Grégoire Ballansat (vidéo)




La Daille Gondola
73150 Val d'Isère

opening time

December 3rd 2022
9am - 5pm