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Locavore, a chef's story

Have you heard of @franckmischler? YES, our Folie Douce’s chef! Today we offer you to learn a little more about him with a video «Fast N Curious»

Local cuisine is good, but when it is chef Franck Mischler at the piano, it is even better. It is through his inventiveness and daring that our Executive Chef never ceases to surprise us with his generous, authentic and always innovative cuisine. Franck Mischler has been able to adapt to the environment of La Folie Douce, whilst also bringing his personal touch to local cuisine by working with raw materials that surely seduces: "My job is essentially based on the product, the land and nature". Here is a video to help you find out more about this atypical and authentic chef. Meeting Franck Mischler

Meet franck mischler (video)



La Daille Gondola
73150 Val d'Isère

opening time

December 3rd 2022
9am - 5pm