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In the beginning, they were two : “Momone”, the mum, and her son, Luc. She, behind the blazing ovens, he adding his little dose of “Folie” ! The public quickly fell in love with the idea.
The little family affair with 5 staff has grown far and fast. These days, every winter nearly 400 people collaborate in making the Folie Douce concept a reality.

Perché depuis 1969Terrasse la Fruitière 1969


The Folie Douce has been amazing (people) since 1980.
In the great outdoors, with a living backdrop of dancers, divas and DJs, LFD invites fun-seekers of all ages to share their unique mix of high-quality cuisine and high-altitude clubbing. The LFD reputation lies in the strength of its core values : originality, freedom, and an undying thirst to “keep it real”

Philosophy of la Folie DouceDJ at the balcony
Customer of la Folie Doucela Folie Douce


The decision to create the Folie Douce at altitude has required a level of organisation and execution where nothing is overlooked. The buildings blend perfectly with the environment, built in a mix of locally-sourced materials, stone, wood and slabs of shale.
Folie douce work closely with the local economic community.
The employment philosophy is to help our staff teams evolve and gain individual responsibility through training programmes. We encourage local people to come and work for us, helping create the Folie Douce adventure.

Hives of la Folie Douce Alpe d'Huez
recrutement la Folie Douce


La Folie Douce offers a wide variety of employment opportunities.
In the restaurant : waiting on table, front of house, kitchen assistant, cashier. In admin : human resources, staff relations, management, accounting, product buying, general admin.

Panorama ofla Folie Douce Alpe d'Huez

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