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Exterieur La Folie Douce Morzine Avoriaz

Listening to our customers, quality of service and respect for the exceptional mountain environment in which our sites are situated, these are the imperatives that guide our development.

The idea?
To give pleasure to all generations, in as many intense and warm moments, to develop a "La Folie Douce Lifestyle" and to share our grains of folie with respect for the mountains that we so cherish.

Faced with environmental issues, La Folie Douce wishes to make its contribution to the building of tasty, healthy, local and responsible catering and respectful joyful moments by developing its own battle plan. In concrete terms, La Folie Douce reinforces or initiates 13 approaches based on strong values: transparency, traceability, safety, quality, the fight against waste and environmental impact without ever denying its originality.

1. Reduction of single-use plastic

We are reducing every single-use plastic to optimize our plastic waste.

2. Waste recovery

Our stocks are optimized according to our production to use every fresh products during the same day.

3. Recovery and sorting of cigarette butts

We set up bins specially designed for cigarette ends so that they can be recycled and have a non-polluting second life.

4. Decrease in food waste

We are always doing a meticulous waste separation to recycle what is recyclable and we are also doing a composting. This composting will be used by of our local grower to make fertilizer or pigs’ food.

5. Decrease in the amount of general waste

We are making available jar to let you go with your meal and to make your pleasure longer.

6. Responsible packaging

Whether for take-out or for your doggy bag, your food is served in Le Parfait glass jars, which will reduce our waste but also yours.

7. Local and transparent menu

Nothing to hide. Origins of our different products are written on La Fruitière’s menus. Our plates are cooked with French or Italian (border regions) product, to give you quality and traceability.

8. Home cooking and raw products

All your plates are made with love by our cookers, your plate is coming raw in our kitchens.

9. Drawing up a map for everyone (vegetarian, vegan, etc)

Whatever are your convictions, veggie, vegan, gluten-free… We are giving you a choice to meet your expectations.

10. Support for initiatives that preserve the mountain

Mountains lover, we want to defend this environment which is priceless and common to everybody. Involved into local actions, we are inviting you to join the movement: amount collected will be redistribute to associations.

11. Eco-responsible clothing range

We created a responsible clothes line, it’s about using good and recycled cotton but also having a fair and responsible production. You can now wear your favorite Folie Douce clothes while taking care of the planet.

12. Supporting French creators/brands

We are supporting French initiatives and encouraging people to consume Made In France.

13. Plantation of Aroles pine trees, to contribute to the preservation of this species, specific to the high mountain regions.

To contribute to the preservation of this species, specific to the high mountain regions.



560A Rte de l’Alpage 74110 AVORIAZ

situated in the Portes du Soleil, Avoriaz ski area, Plateau sector

Restaurant & VIP

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