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La Folie Douce | A responsible affair
The decision to create the Folie Douce at altitude has required a level of organisation and execution where nothing is overlooked. The buildings blend perfectly with the environment, built in a mix of locally-sourced materials, stone, wood and slabs of shale.
Folie douce work closely with the local economic community.
The employment philosophy is to help our staff teams evolve and gain individual responsibility through training programmes. We encourage local people to come and work for us, helping create the Folie Douce adventure.
The cuisine is, as far as possible, aimed at promoting local products and savoir-faire. The general feel is rustic, a choice that is in total keeping with the stunning natural locations of our restaurants.
Our famous cheese shops stock the very best of local produce : Persille de Tignes, Reblochon, Tomme de Bonneval, Beaufort, Tamie, Abondance, etc., all our mountain cheeses are sourced from local producers. By respecting the environment and by favouring local suppliers, La Folie Douce looks after the best interests of it customers and the local economy.
As for our Club scene, Folie Douce is very attentive to all aspects of security. Our security staff screen all the entrances and the VIP area. Minors (under 18s) are not permitted in the Club spaces.

Finally, La Folie Douce also coordinates with the ski slope teams and authorities on preventive measures to ensure that the party fun never runs to excess or risk.

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