The artistes of la Folie Douce 2022-2023

You've already been dazzled by them...and so for 2023, why not find out a little bit more about the artists who are setting the Folie Douce on fire this season!
Leeroy La Folie Douce Avoriaz



Lleeroy joins us straight from season 11 of The Voice France, where he lit his own path directly to the semi-finals. His energy, his unique voice and his personality make him a star of the future.

“I started singing around the age of 15. I always intended to study nursing, my music career came about because of the arrival of Covid. I launched myself via the networks where I already had a small following. The Voice contacted me via TikTok. I did the auditions and took part in the show. After an incredible adventure that allowed me to make a name for myself in the music industry, my journey on the show ended at the semi-final stage. I then went on to perform with the band I started and now here I am, finally on the stage of the Folie Douce for all of the winter season.”

Lisa La Folie Douce Avoriaz



After immersing herself in music since the age of 13, Lisa is now a 22-year old singer/performance artist. At 17, she was talent spotted at an audition for The Voice and reached the start of the show in season 11. Originally destined for a career in communications and marketing, she took the decision to devote herself entirely to music. Creative, sensitive and melancholy, LISALAU (her stage name) and her inexhaustible energy are ready to set the Folie Douce stage on fire!

“Since I was a child, I have always been passionate about singing. At first I sang in various competitions and regularly posted covers on Youtube before being propelled by The Voice. After the show, I left my communications job to spend more time singing and working in the music world. I perform a lot in Paris at festivals, but also internationally (especially in Eastern Europe). For a number of years now, I have been writing songs and after two years of working, I launched my first EP. My projects are independent and self-financed. Two recent releases - a single and music video - saw 15 000 streams and 11 000 views respectively.”

Marie La Folie Douce Avoriaz



Back in 2019, Marie participated in the The Voice Kids and put herself forward again for season 11. Today, she is a singer, author, composer, performer and pianist. Passionate about music and singing, she is the youngest member of the team.

“I started singing, thanks to my mother at the age of 11. At the time, I was always shouting at my brother and sister and so my mother made the decision to enrol me in singing school. I discovered a passion that has never left me and now it's my job. I have a malformation of the vocal chords that gives me a deep, gravely and powerful voice. I was lucky enough to participate in The Voice Kids in 2019 and The Voice All Stars in 2021 and now, music and me are inseparable!”

Samantha La Folie Douce Avoriaz



Hailing from England, Samantha already has a long music career behind her. Accustomed to the stage and performances, she has made a name for herself, travelling the globe with many big names in the singing world.

“Music was part of my childhood from the cradle, I've always been passionate about singing. At the age of 5, I discovered the piano. Later, I started my career as a featured artist. My work as a singer began to evolve, little by little: I had the opportunity to write songs for myself but also for other labels. But there was one thing I really missed: the stage. So I relaunched myself back into the entertainment world and I travelled the world.Between big private events and nightclub appearances, I worked alongside big names (like Neyo, Justin Bieber, Prince Albert of Monaco and many others...). I draw my inspiration from jazz, pop, Motown and deep house.”

Aleks La Folie Douce Avoriaz

Aleks Cameron


Our second resident DJ at the Folie Douce hails from Paris. He's also a music producer and performs mainly in Bordeaux. His explosive sets and inexhaustible energy have already seen him spotted by some of the biggest labels in the world.

“Since my arrival in Bordeaux in 2011, I've been able to affirm my vision for House music by performing at some of the biggest parties in the city and all over France. My inspirations are varied: Claptone, Tchami, Mercer, Kungs, Watermät, The Avener, Joachim Garraud...I was able to work with so many recognised artists.
Resident at the Dame, the IBAÏA Café and the Black Diamond in Bordeaux but also on Radio FG in Paris, I quickly extended my influence to the Bordeaux House community. In 2019, I released a single ‘Be with U’ which quickly reached more than 2 million streams. I closed 2022 with my last title ‘Need Somebody’ and well as with the Team at the Folie Douce Avoriaz!”

Gauthier La Folie Douce Avoriaz


dj and artistic manager

Well known to Folie Douce regulars in Avoriaz, our first resident DJ is the artistic manager of the Folie Team. He leads the team, like a boss to keep the stage alight all winter! After sharing the decks with great DJs such as Camelphat, Claptone, Bedouin, Jacky and Carl Cox, he is one of the most promising artists of his generation. His fluid transitions and varied track-lists will keep you buzzing all winter long.

“Originally from the south of France, I was immediately immersed in the nightlife, which is where I developed a real love for house music in some of the most beautiful clubs on the Côte d'Azur. I performed at some of the biggest festivals such as the Cannes Film Festival, the Red Bull Air-Race and Les Plages Electroniques music festival and I have travelled to France, Germany and Switzerland where my reputation was forged. After working in iconic venues including Le Gotha and the KA Club, I'm now the resident DJ and artistic manager for the Folie Douce Avoriaz!”

Adrian Sax La Folie Douce Avoriaz



Adrian is a saxophonist and performer who come straight from Lyon. From an early age, Adrian was immersed in music and later became passionate about the saxophone. His house, Jazz and Hip Hop style and his attraction to the party world make him a real performing artist who quickly sets the mood where he plays.

“When I was little, I started music by banging on pots until I exhausted my parents who decided to send me to conservatory. Today, summer and winter, I have the chance to travel around France and Europe to play in restaurants, nightclubs, private events and many others… I have been able to go to very famous place such as Nikki beach in Montenegro, which hosts big names on the scene throughout the summer season.” 

Now La Folie Douce has no more secrets for him! After a season in Avoriaz, in Chamonix as well and many performance in Méribel, he is back in 2023 for some crazy après-ski !
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