Rock the Top Meribel-Courchevel

Find the artists of the Rock the Top show on the terrace of La Folie Douce for a clubbing interaction with you.

1.30pm & 2.40pm

Every day

3pm to 5pm

Ever higher shows

For the 9th consecutive season, Vanessa Mandito, artistic director of the Folie Douce Méribel-Courchevel takes us even higher in her creative sphere, by offering us this year 5 amazing themes.

You will find the unmissable Rock the Mountain, which for 3 years has been unleashing the crowds with its timeless music which has inspired all generations.
The Mille et une nuits will take you to an oriental universe, bewitched by the Berber magic of an atypical desert ...
The Peacky Blinder will reveal an atmosphere of the 20s of elegance and charisma.
USA Hip Hop put forward by our amazing talented BBoys between acrobatics, style and timeless hits, a tribute to a whole generation.
With the Viking Show you will go back to the 8th century, between plunder and passion, this intense and conquering show will pierce you with emotion.


Rock the Top Nights
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The 360-degree stage

The 360-degree stage of La Folie Douce will be embellished by a Catwalk advancing on the terrace of the restaurant La Fruitière for an ever stronger connection with the public ... And a dizzying surprise.

This year two choreographers are in charge of providing you with a show throughout the day. Stephanie Rollet choreographs the Show part and Indira Mehidi the Clubbing part with talented artists, all familiar with the place. DJs, singers, dancers, musicians and Bboys to wow your winter afternoons.

Vanessa Mandito

The pearl of the off-road show
Franco Mexican, this passionate woman took over la Folie Douce Méribel -Courchevel as her playground for 9 years.

Inspired by her dual culture and her years of study in the United States, Vanessa Mandito also animates her creativity through her mystical, sensitive and loving character.

His wild and extravagant imagination creates for La Folie Douce Méribel - Courchevel atypical shows, performed on a 360 ° outdoor stage. She defies the laws of the climate and pushes her artists to perform in extreme weather conditions, which makes the exercise an additional difficulty.

Carried by her love for this establishment, her generosity and her unfailing passion, she herself designs the costumes for her shows. High-level craftsmanship between feathers, beads and fabrics, each one the most spectacular.

An accomplished artist who touches the heart.
Vansessa Mandito | La Folie Douce


"Frozen" 2017-2018

"Fresh Prince" 2017-2018

LIVE 2017-2018

Répétitions Show 2016-2017


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Rock the Top Nights

Throughout the year the Rock the Top show team performs on stages other than la Folie Douce. Do not hesitate to follow our agenda and find us here and elsewhere.

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