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La Folie Douce Meribel-Courchevel | Opening 2022


Opening december 10,2022

Barely time to blink, remove the last snowflakes on stage and turn the microphones on and here we are, already blowing out our tenth candle...

What an adventure!
Chaque hiver à La Folie Each winter at La Folie Douce Méribel-Courchevel is unique, but this one will definitely have a special taste.
Vanessa Mandito, our artistic director, whose imagination and creativity are limitless, has concocted five new shows and promises you an unforgettable lunch in the heart of our mountains!
Surrounded by the choreographers Stéphanie Rollet and Killian Taillasson, Vanessa welcomes in her artistic team, Ludovic Pradarelli, pianist and musical director of the Live band who will accompany our dancers and Bboys, in order to offer a "Rock The Top Show" with an even more exquisite dimension for this tenth edition.
Our 5 shows, each more entertaining and magical than the next, will allow you to enjoy the best of Rock, Soul, Electro and Hip-Hop music. In addition, as a bonus gift, you will also experience a special “10 year anniversary” show tracing our adventure through music that has left a mark in our clients’ heart since December 2012…

Yes yes, you read that right, 2012!
A lot has happened in our mountains, and believe us, from the first music notes, your only desire will be to get on a table and dance until the sun goes down!
So fasten your seatbelts, it's 3 p.m. and clubbing can begin! “What time is it? Party time” as we say back home! Let yourself be carried away by the 3 resident DJs, singers, saxophonist, guitarist, our su - blime dancers and our hypnotizing Bboys...

Our artists can’t wait to captivate you and enchant your winter afternoons! 10 years is something to celebrate, are you ready for it?"



Intermédiaire 1
Saulire express
73550 Méribel

opening time

December 10th 2022
9am - 5pm