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By inventing La Folie Douce, Luc Reversade has shaken up and rejuvenating the codes of entertainment in highland. Today’s observation is crystal-clear: by dint of hard work, assumed artistic boldness and ambitious risk taking, La Folie Douce’s concept has proven highly on the Alpine massif. It now extends its philosophy and expertise around the globe under the label “La Folie Douce Team”.

From Pekin to Sydney including Dubai or Auckland

Petite cuisine la Folie douce Val d'Isère

At home, just for you

The strength of La Folie Douce Team is to be very mobile, highly reactive, knowing to listen and adapt to the wishes of each client, whether private or corporate, while remaining true to its roots. Another remarkable example: in Australia, it was just a complete show that was created and played for two weeks on an outdoor stage specially mounted for the occasion. Born in the French Alps, operated each season on the sites of Val d'Isère, Val Thorens, Méribel, Saint Gervais and l’Alpe d'Huez, La Folie Douce, which does nothing like person, continues to surprise by giving you rendezvous beyond borders (and expectations)...The show must go on!

Kely Starlight - FD Team

Kely Starlight

A very busy and special performer who’s perpetually between two plane flights, Kely Starlight has foundhis perfect playground at the Folie Douce. His provocative look and style have been at the head of artistic direction at Folie Douce since 1996. From Miami to Geneva, London to Istanbul, his exhausting globetrotting schedule is all about firing up his ever-adoring public. Every year he finds the time and energy to bring the Folie Douce shows bang up to date for each new season. Crucial to the whole thing, the mega-versatile performers – dancers and musicians – every one a master of their many arts.

Réservez la FD Team

How to reserve La Folie Douce Team for your event?

You love the atmosphere of La Folie Douce and want to call La Folie Douce Team to host your private or corporate event...everything is possible! From simple intervention from our performers for a customized show of a few hours to installation of all the Folie Douce logistics in the place of your choice, for the desired duration, Corinne Reversade, producer, and Ange Fandoh, international artistic agent, remain at your disposal to set up with you the event of your dreams.

Let's go!

Better than words

Formula E | Paris 2016

B4Winter | Chambéry

Chalet des iles | Paris


Majestic | Cannes

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