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- ADDRESS : TSC les pionniers - TSD Plein sud - 73440 Val Thorens - | - Open : 9am - 5.15pm -

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Almost a decade that La Folie Douce Val-Thorens shares its energy with you.
Whether it's raining, snowing or selling, the artists of La Folie Douce share their know-how of celebration and sharing.

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The end is here party people & this is how we role! For this 8th edition, La Folie Douce Val Thorens Officiel Closing Party theme is Celebrities,
reveal yourself for the wildest party of the season,
be the craziest celeb' in Val Thorens.

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Laroche Wine Tour


More than 1000 years of history in your glass!

Join the Laroche house for an afternoon dedicated to Chablis Saint Martin at @ lafoliedouce.valthorens. In Vitro Veritas - The truth is in the wine, said Pliny The Elder, the pleasure too.

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Season 2017/2018 dress the Folie Douce Val Thorens

@lafoliedouce.vt #FDVT

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la cuisine

la fruitière

This season Romain and Ophelie will be happy to welcome you at La Fruitière , our gourmet restaurant located 2600 meters high.
The new menu presented by our Chef Damien De Valukhoff will undoubtedly surprise you, appeal to you and surely incite you back !
The diversity of the dishes have one thing in common : a ruthless selection of the finest products , all freshly prepared in our kitchens wether it be for traditional dishes we love or exciting and original creations.
For example, you will be able to choose between the Poultry and Crayfish with its « Nantua » sauce served with fresh spinach; the Lobster tail and its Thai foam served with Pak Choy , avocado and pomelos ; the labeled « French Grand Cru » Charolais beef tenderloin or the very chic « Mac & Truffle ».
Our cheese menu has also evolved this season, our Chef went out to find the most perfumed and original selection of the local Tome de Savoie made with love by local farmers. To go along with this colorful plate of cheeses and dishes Romain will be happy to guide you through the wine menu , which has also been entirely revisited.
Romain Berkrouber is our new Pastry Chef and he has planned to make miracles, so be sure to leave some space for dessert!

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demande de réservation la fruitière Val ThorensReservation : + 33 479 000 427

La petite cuisine la Folie douce Val ThorensLa petite cuisine la Folie douce Val Thorens

La petite cuisine

When you push the front door of the Folie Douce chalet, you find yourself in the coziness of La Petite Cuisine. The décor is arty but relaxed ,Tarek Benaoum's modern and colorful calligraphies look down from the ceiling and an attentive eye will capture dozens of entertaining details. On the kitchen side, you will find a variety of mains , sidings , starters to compose , always served generously by our friendly staff. The dishes are made from scratch by our Chef Damien De Valukhoff and his team, La Petite Cuisine also offers a sharp selection of the finest local cheeses as well as eye and mouth-watering desserts.

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Loungy lunches Folie douce Val Thorens

Loungy lunches

La Folie Douce wanted to combine it’s two specialities : gastronomy and music.
Everyday from 12.30 to 2.30pm the Loungy Lunches provide a smooth and rich musical moment. The musical team is composed of DJ Jü One, Fabou or Dr Audinos on the saxophone and a singer that varies throughout the season. Imagine being seated for lunch on a sunny terrace , good live music on one side and endless mountaintops on the other… this is what La Folie Douce’s Loungy Lunches are about.

Folie Food Ratrack - Val Thorens

Folie Food Ratrack

New 2016 | Attention to all Burger-Lovers!
This is a first, La Folie Douce of Val Thorens has spent the summer elaborating the plans for it’s new « Food Ratrack »: a snow groomer entirely redesigned into an urban Food Truck.
During that period, our Chef went out looking for the secrets that make the difference between a good burger and an EXCELLENT burger.


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l'après ski

Apres ski Folie douce Val Thorens
Clubbing Folie Douce Val ThorensClubbing Folie Douce Val Thorens


One of the reasons most of you come back each year is the music and the show put on by our artists : The PartyMakers of La Folie Douce Val Thorens.
DJ Lyrics, a living musical encyclopedia, sets the tone for the great & talented Mister Fluo who will have you bouncing on the tables with your ski boots until the closing of the slopes. Electro, soul, funk, house, deep-house, rock …their musical repertoire is endless. Our sax players Fabou and Dr Audinos add a touch of groove to the tune and it’s enough to have hundreds of people going wild everyday. Really. We are so thrilled to have Astrid Kunst join our team this season , this singer & MC will definitely sweep you off your feet with her energy , powerful voice and sensuality… get ready for some intense moments!! The PartyMakers at 2500m altitude, facing one of the most breathtaking views of the Alps , on a (often) sunny terrace , is an experience that has to be lived once.

Le carré VIP de la Folie douce Val Thorens


A confortable south facing terrace , a little closer to the artists, a little further from the crowd. An incredible view of the mountaintops , a caring service and a more generous menu. Welcome to the VIP space of La Folie Douce!

Réserver votre espace V.I.P Reserve your VIP pass
+33 649 767 082

The party makers

Chanteuse Val Thorens


Chanteur Val Thorens

Mister Fluo

Dj Lyrics Folie Douce Val Thorens

Dj Lyrics

Fabou Folie Douce Val Thorens


Dr AudinosFolie Douce Val Thorens

Dr Audinos

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Folie Shop la Folie douce Val thorens

OPEN 11h30 AM - 5h30 PM

Every year has its collection, every Folie has its desires.
Assemblée Nationale offbeat and colorful Universe as an award, we leave you to follow the trend CLAIM YOUR CRAZINESS. Pineapples and exotic flowers at 2600 meters above sea level, peps colors in a snow field, you have arrived at port.

Discover the 2016 - 2017 collection at the Folie's Shop in Val Thorens!

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La Folie Douce Val Thorens | Vidéos Best-of

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Après ski

La Folie Douce ValThorens | The Party Makers


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