• La Folie Douce Alpe d'Huez

  • La Folie Douce Alpe d'Huez
  • La Folie Douce Alpe d'Huez

- Address : Télésiège Marmotte 38 750 L'Alpe d'Huez - | - Tel : +33 476 803 236 - | - Open : 09am - 4:30pm -

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La Fruitière | La Folie Douce Alpe d'Huez

La Fruitière

Accessible to skiers and pedestrians, La Fruitière is a quality restaurant at the top of the Marmottes 1 chairlift.
You will taste a cuisine that revisits the local produce without ever denaturing them.

Come and treat yourself every day of the season from 12pm to 3pm in an exceptional environment.
The terrace offers you a breathtaking view on this magnificent natural environment which are the Oisans alpines.

La Petite Cuisine | La Folie Douce Alpe d'Huez

La Petite Cuisine

La Petite Cuisine is the gourmet canteen of La Folie Douce. The cuisine is tasty and generous. Tartiflette, croziflette, soup, burger, salad & vegetables, there's something for everyone ...

Come and get some strength after a morning of skiing before going back down the slopes or dancing on the tables of La Folie Douce.

Color Party - Closing Party La Folie Douce Alpe d'Huez


The VIP allows you to feel at Folie Douce as at home, to share an extraordinary afternoon exclusively, while enjoying the charms of the landscape and a privileged service. This is the opportunity for you to immortalize your day at La Folie Douce!

Réservations : +33 (0)6 73 56 62 39

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Stephane Tarabla Chef Fruitiere la Folie douce Alpe d'Huez
La Fruitière la Folie douce Alpe d'Huez

la fruitière

Created by double Michelin-starred chef Christophe Aribert, the Fruitiere menu that offers exciting new interpretations of the delicious local produce, in the Fruitiere-liveried décor style of a traditional dairy. Open daily from 12.00-3.00pm

Reservations : +33 (0)4 76 80 32 36

Petite cuisine la Folie douce Alpe d'Huez

La petite cuisine

A huge chalet, built and furnished in wood, old stone, exposed metal and hand-stitched leather, is home to our more rapid and less formal canteen-style resto, where great service and tasty, high-quality produce is as ever the order of the day. Enjoy eating your meal on our heated terrace… Open daily from 11.30-3-30pm


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Après ski

Apres ski Folie douce Alpe d'Huez
Cabaret la Folie douce Alpe d'HuezClubbing la Folie douce Meribel Courchevel

Seriously cool vibes at the Après Ski from 2.30pm

As in all remote villages, all the action happens in the village square, where, in the afternoons, generations come together and people meet… As the volume gradually builds, so too does the vibe. Dancers and DJs bring their street-style skills up the mountain to invent an irresistible party groove for your delectation each and every day. Snowstorm or blazing sun, it all makes for a fantastic made-in-Folie-Douce experience.


Le carré VIP de la Folie douce Alpe d'Huez

VIP zone

The luckiest ones among you will enjoy sipping your champagne while stretching out on the giant cushions and inviting beds, before shaking it down to the wicked electro sounds…

Reservations : +33 (0)6 73 56 62 39

Steven Mc Folie Douce Alpe d'Huez

Mc Vocaliste

HUGO MACHINE DJ Folie Douce alpe d'Huez


Nicolas Jared DJ Folie douce Alpe d'Huez

Nikolas Jared

Stéphane S DJ Folie douce Alpe d'Huez

Mc Vocaliste

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Après ski


You are the folie douce !

Nikolas Jared


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plan d'accès Folie Douce Alpe d'Huez

La Folie Douce de l'Alpe d'Huez se trouve à à l'arrivé de Marmottes 1 à droite du plat de marmottes
L’accès se fait donc très rapidement,à pied ou à ski, depuis le centre de l'Alpe d'Huez.

La Folie Douce l'Alpe d'Huez is upon arrival of Marmottes 1, to the right of plat des marmottes
Easy access on foot or on skis from the center of l'Alpe d'Huez.

Yann Tanneau Chef de la Fruitière Alpe d'Huez

Rock Star looks and a reputation for speaking his mind, that's the short story behind Yann Tanneau, the new Chef at La Folie Douce. But as so often, behind an explosive character hides a sensitive man, driven by a love for using great (local) produce to create great cuisine. "If you dare to be different, you have to do it well. My advantage is that I'm passionate about everything I do."

Already recognised with a Gault & Millau gold award, Yann Tanneu has made his mark by bringing originlity and fun to the all-too-serious world of great cuisine, always ready to seek out new ideas, try something different. "At 15-16 years old, I could have ended up doing any old rubbish job", he explains, "and to this day I have no idea why he (the man who first employed him as an apprentice chef) believed in me". Roughly translated, this first encounter of his young life gave him the direction that stopped him going off the rails. "Big stroke of luck for me, Patrice Brejeon had been voted Meilleur Ouvrier de France, Patisserie (top French patisserie chef). Nowadays, one of my big ambitions is to become MOF ". Despite his rough childhood and a "difficult" personality, Yann Tanneau nonetheless realised that Brejeon, the first person to show faith in him, could help him finally turn a corner in his life. "He offered me a job and somewhere to live, despite not really knowing me, which shows that sometimes it pays to take a punt!... ".

Once qualified, it was time to get out and see the world. "15 years ago in England, I was working with 'rock-and-roll' chefs, covered in tattoos". Although he'll tell you that his style of cuisine nowadays doesn't draw much from his travels (except his Japanese-influenced fish dishes), it was living and working abroad that helped him learn how to develop good working relations with others : "when you're working with Mexican or Chinese immigrants, then you see them in the street with a gun in their pocket, you begin to understand the reality of things". Gradually creating his unique approach to food, he took his skills all the way to the red-hot kitchens of the Opera Garnier. "I was the only person allowed to park right in front, on my big motorbike". That's another chapter of his story that started with a chance meeting. "I met the mastermind of the Opera Garnier restaurant at a party and we hit it off straight away". With her Gothic look and black lipstick, Odile Decq succeeded in persuading the talented young chef to join the project. Not that it needed much. Architecture, art and music being the other big loves of Tanneau's life. "I was very close to one of the star dancers at Opera Garnier. Basically, we've got lots in common, we're all a bit "out there", artists, performers and chefs, all alike".

Mr Guillot (2 Michelin stars), Nicolas Adam (1 star), Alain Senderens (3 stars), Jérôme Banctel (2 stars), followed by Bernard Le Prince (MOF) and Alain Ducasse, they've all had the wanderer on their books and in their kitchens. His plain-speaking and incisive choice of words have almost certainly played their part in his "career path". But at 38, haute cuisine's eternal nomad finds himself starting to have longer term projects in mind, to achieve the next phase of his evolution through continuity. The man who's always defiantly defended his right to freedom and no permanent attachment. "Maturity changes us all in the end". Meeting Luc Reversde and Jean-Baptiste Gravier changed his perspectives. "I found these people, even more out-there than me, and very, very persuasive". So it was no surprise that Yann Tanneau brought his talent, tattoos and raucous personality to La Folie Douce. "People tell me I've got very feminine cooking style, that appeals to women". That's down to his originality and attention to detail, his subtle, perfect mix of Folie and Douceur. It's as though Tanneau was pre-destined to be a chef, pre-destined to great things in the beautiful kitchens of La Folie Douce. "Remember though : a lion will never grow into a kitten". Once a rocker, always a rocker...


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