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Kely Starlight

A very busy and special performer who’s perpetually between two plane flights, Kely Starlight has foundhis perfect playground at the Folie Douce. His provocative look and style have been at the head of artistic direction at Folie Douce since 1996.
From Miami to Geneva, London to Istanbul, his exhausting globetrotting schedule is all about firing up his ever-adoring public.

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Every afternoon, DJs, singers, dancers and musicians carry the crowd away on an après ski adventure of total Folie. The ambiance builds in intensity with the volume, transported to Folie by a mix to suit everyone who loves to party.

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The Folie Douce cabaret show is more than just a mountain top story. It plays at the Cannes Festival, the Grand Palais in Paris, in Peking, Istanbul, London, Odessa….. at festivals, Prize Giving ceremonies, VIP shows and private parties, mountain-themed and lifestyle trade shows, weddings…

Kely Starlight La Folie Douce
Kely Starlight La Folie Douce
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Folie Shop

Having established the brand, La Folie Douce saw it was time to make a move into (street) fashions. Each site has its Folie Shop.Exclusive to LFD, each Folie Douce branded item helps show that you belong. And for young and not-so-young alike, being part of the Folie Douce is part of being cool.

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Pour toutes réservations, vous pouvez contacter Pascale Catelan– Responsable La Fruitière – au +334 79 00 58 31

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