Where is our madness coming from ?

First of all, the Folie Douce is a magical place dedicated to parties, shows and gastronomic pleasures to share with friends and family members, from 7 to 77 years old.
Located in the most prestigious ski resorts of the French Alps , we are dancing there all afternoon, at 2400 meter of altitudes, in the sun or under snow flakes, wearing ski shoes.

That’s how, at the begining, the Folie Douce’s artists came under the light, and the idea of the Folie Douce Team was born.

La Folie Douce is a concept that travels all over the world, thanks to the opening of new places every year, but also and especially thanks to the Folie Douce Team.

The Team compositon

LA FOLIE DOUCE TEAM is composed of artists, singers, MC musician ; Dj’s, dancers, which have all performed together on the snowy stages of the different Folie Douce.
Especially trained by the public interactivity, to feder around them and to create the magical moment extract of those parties.

Aware of our clients’ needs, we define together their expectations according to « The entertainment », to propose them musicale animation with or without dancers.

The party is limitless with the Folie Douce Team. Performers improvise shows on electro songs and partying amateurs burn up the dance-floor.

Always seeking out the new trends, our artistic directors Kely Starlight has been working for 15 years to train his artists in order to transmit them entertainment gift of the Folie Douce.
Our choreographor Sergei Novikov, strives to create scenarios with dancers to go with our guests.

Our performances

Aware of our clients’ needs, we define together their expectations according to the entertainment, to propose them musical animation with ou without dancers.

The animation program is always change while the prestation is happening. The performance begins into a lounge ambiance, performers can evolve through a show composed by different dance performances, songs and musics for instance, and a clubbing program to make the public stand up and dance, to end up only with a DJ programation at the end of the show.


Our costumes are specially created for LA DOUCE TEAM artists and thought for every single performance developed by our choreographer.

In special occasion, we coulld offer the unique creation of costumes specially dedicated to a particular animation… with an ellaboration of a detailed estimate.


According to the kind of performances chosen by the client and the specific ways elaborated to answer his special request, we establish accurate contract techniques, describing the materials, sound, and special equipment installation we may need.


VIP parties, inauguration, weddings, private parties, contexts, concerts, warm up...

Formule E Paris, America's Cup Bermuda, Melbourne Cup.

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La Folie Douce Team

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