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In December, La Folie Douce, Val d'Isère will open a brand-new restaurant named, Cucùcina.

A unique place that combines the good with the stunning. Due to its dimensions (and its height under the ceiling), it’s a truly surrealist setting. The decoration of this new restaurant is inspired by the artist studios of the Italian Renaissance and pays particular homage to the genius Leonardo da Vinci.
For this new restaurant, distinguished materials have been used to create a rare atmosphere. Marble, bricks handmade one by one in France, wood and mosaics make up this decor worthy of a theatre.

Scattered here and there are busts and sculptures, including a masterly horse more than 4 metres high. Set in the centre of the restaurant is a huge table, comprised of solid wood which serves as a stage for our artists. A monumental staircase leads up to the mezzanine overlooking the restaurant's main hall. Finally, the highlight of this new restaurant is the breath-taking view of Mont Blanc in which guests absorb through huge windows.

Service every day FROM 12.30PM TO 3.30PM

Nico Secerov

It is in this majestic setting that a team composed of 100% Italians presides.

Here, you’ll find an offering of transalpine cuisine, both modern and authentic. Attentive to offer only the best, our chef, Francesco Ibba, and his team cook daily dishes made from local French and Italian products (the border is 30 km bird’s flight away) coming directly from renowned producers.