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La Fruitière | La Folie Douce

La Fruitiere

With its stylish décor of white enamel milk churns, exposed zinc pipework, antique tiling and dairy-styled fittings and furnishings, La Fruitiere has a special atmosphere. A totally modern restaurant with a welcome unlike any other...

Plat de la FruitièreTalented chefs
The wine shop | la Folie Douce Val d'Isère

The wine cellar

open 7 days a week from midday to 3.30pm from start to end of the season. A perfumed garden of delights for lovers of fine wines.

La Petite Cuisine

La Petite Cuisine does things its own way. A bit more relaxed, this canteen-style eaterie too relies heavily on quality local produce, plus its great atmosphere. This area has been decorated by calligraphic artist Tarek Benaoum, allowing him and his designs to influence the space in the same way the food metamorphoses your plate.



At the Kiosk, close to the Petite Cuisine, the service is rapido essentially offering fast finger food for those wanting to eat on the go.


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Terrasse de la Fruitière
Cuisine de la Fruitière
Salle de la Fruitière
Plat de la Fruitière
Plateau de fromage | La Folie Douce
Façade Fruitiere
Cuisine Fruitiere

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