Top Finds From the Iconic Jott

Top Finds From the Iconic Jott

The brand Just Over The Top, or as you would better know it, JOTT continues to dominate both in the city and throughout alpine ski resorts.

After several years of collaboration, we continue to work alongside the French brand, kitting out a substantial part of our team in their chic, ultralight down jackets. With this in mind we believe we have become quite the experts in the brand, so here are out top picks from JOTT.

For you ladies, why not opt for a totally urban JOTT look, with this beautiful reversible Louise coat. Whether it be an afternoon at La Folie Douce or a chic evening on the town, this jacket allows you to switch from a modern casual parka to a classy faux fur.

A classic never goes out of style! You can also adopt a sportier look with this Pauline down jacket. This JOTT essential is known for its silky, nylon comfort, whilst also featuring a high collar, so there is no doubt this coat will keep you warm, while withstanding the cold winds of Val d'Isère.

As for you gentlemen, the brand offers the Aigle model available in 4 colours. Be sure that this model will bring you warmth and comfort for all your outdoor and mountain activities this winter.

If you are looking for a more city look this winter, choose the Windsor, which promises an elegant and chic silhouette even in the most extreme of weather. We think that you'll agree that this is the perfect companion for an afternoon at the Folie Douce. Available in 2 colours.
JOTT is waiting for you now! Check out their website for captivating clothes for everyone!

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