"The Spridre" by Appie

A new trend has arrived and it's making people Appie. The start-up you know, and love is making strides in the world of cider, through an offbeat communication strategy and truly original recipes.

Appie's ambition to renovate cider, with lighter and dryer recipes, has left some calling it the aperitif of cider brands.

In order to give a breath of fresh air to cider, Appie has introduced a new cocktail recipe: The Spride. With only a sip of this sumptuous cocktail it will evoke flavours and memories of your summer vacation.

Ideal for an aperitif with friends or family, this tasty cocktail, golden in colour will feel like a breeze on a warm day.

Recipe : « LE SPRIDRE »

Are you thirsty? Need some freshness during your holidays?

  • Fill a glass full of ice
  • Add 4cl of Aperol and
  • 1cl of squeezed lemon juice, garnishing with remaining lemon

Then when the right moment arrives… it's time to take out a fresh little bottle of Appie'ness

  • 10cl Raw honey (at least)

Finally, decorate this tasty cocktail with 2 slices of orange

Gracing terraces this summer, don't forget to bring your little bottle of Appie cider for bubbles of fun.


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