Restaurant Les 3 Caves, a pure madness in a framework of sweetness

Restaurant Les 3 Caves, a pure madness in a framework of sweetness
This Year, La Folie Douce is celebrating its 50th birthday. This means, 50 years of quality food and festivities, all perched at an altitude of 2400 metres. To celebrate, La Folie Douce, Val d'Isere has stepped up its game, exuding a new level of excellence by introducing restaurants: Les 3 Caves - Pure madness in a setting of pure decadence.


At an altitude of 2400 metres, this cellar is entirely dedicated to cheese, so you are invited to travel and discover via all the senses. Boasting a vast array of cheese, carefully selected by Pierre Gay, prestigious winner of the French "le meilleur ouvrier de France fromager" award, this room is precise in temperature and hygrometry control.Here we see 120 variations of chees which offer new sensations, highlighting the richness of alpine pastures and the know-how of our producers.

In addition to a discovery of the palate, it's also a visual treat that is nothing more than an exceptional experience. This vaulted cellar exceeding 200 m2 with luxurious finishes that create a chic and friendly atmosphere. The particular asset of this rare cellar is its panoramic view of Mont Blanc, which allows you to explore all the characters of cheese found throughout the mountains.

This concept of pure silliness in a framework of decadence, is available for privatisation and totally flexible according to your needs. 

Cheese tasting menu at discretion: 35€ per person

Come and discover the highest cheese cellar in the Alps!


Nestled at altitude, this cellar is entirely dedicated to wine, joining its new friends this 2018/2019 season as part of Les 3 Caves.

Sat within the vaults of La Folie Douce, there are more than 250 premium variants and grands crus, spanning local regions through to world as a whole and all carefully selected by our experts.

While respecting optimal conservation conditions, these sensual wonders are a marvel for connoisseurs, epicureans, aesthetes and those with a little curiosity. Upon entering you will note soil fragrances; a large sharing table which can accommodate up to 44 people.

In a refined setting, this truly is an exceptional place which creates an intimate atmosphere for memorable moments with family or friends.


Welcoming you with its spirited, chic, 70s deco, La Folie Douce's cigar cellar transports you with its vibrant and distinguished atmosphere.

With temperature and hygrometry control, the cigars are kept in optimal conditions, ensuring they are perfect to the taste. The slender windows make this room a vibrant place, allowing you to enjoy the delicious cuisine of La Fruitière whilst contemplating the grandeur of the surrounding mountains.

What make this place special is you'll have the opportunity to choose and enjoy a cigar from our wide selection of grand cru.The cigar cellar is in a way a treasure chest for cigar lovers!

See you there soon! 

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