Since 1956, Kimberfeel uses its expertises, savoir-faire and sensitivity to please mountains lovers. 

To stay warm and importantly dry with the snow without any style compromise, Kimberfeel is what you need.

The brand foresees the trends and provide products that we'll allow you to go everywhere.

Young or not so young, sportsperson or (casanier), nature lover or city lover, there's a pair of winter shoes for each of you. 


A mountain's story

SALAC is a family business in Haute-Savoie, located in the heart of the French Alps (Annecy 74).

This company proudly produce all Kimberfeel products.

For more than 60 years, the brand has specialized in the creation and distribution of snow boots, not only for winter but also hiking shoes, outdoor and products for summer multi-activities.

Kimberfeel makes two collections every year (winter/summer) distributed throughout sports retailers in France and also internationally.


Design and R&D

  Kimberfeel collections are created in Annecy. The research is of great importance for the brand, however in addition it is a priority to create equipment for the entire family.

Research and Development are at the basis of the fabrication process.

Inspired by the mountains, the brand developed an exclusive savoir-faire that allows Kimberfeel to offer the best products in terms of style, design and notably performance. 

Kimberfeel's Quality Requirements:

Designed for those that really know the mountains and especially know what they require. With this in mind, Kimberfeel is really devoted to its distributors and users.

A devotion that includes thought when it comes to materials used, the way they are produced and the quality of service and advice. 

Kimberfeel x La Folie Douce

It is because of everything we mentioned before, Kimberfeel is one of our favourite partners for yet another season. Our Team wears these beautiful technical products in their everyday jobs, whatever the weather. We share the value of the brand and appreciate their story. La Folie Douce invests in the same ethos: To offer every time better experience. Kimberfeel and La Folie Douce it's a story of performance, adventures with a great team behind all of this!

In order to honor this brand, we produce our first photo shoot, here are the results…

FOLIE TEAM 2019-2020

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