Eider and La Folie Douce Val d'Isère work closely during this season 2019-2020.

Always on the move, the team at La Fruitière needs clothes that are comfortable without compromising their style. They also need technical clothing that will keep them warm. It's because of this need that a relationship between Eider and La Folie Douce was formed.

Specialising in the creation of mountain outdoor wear, Eider also pays attention to not neglect style. The brand was created by a tailor located in Annecy in 1962 and since then the brand works tirelessly to stay at the forefront of the finest, well-fitting and comfortable apparel.

3 key words to describe Eider: Expertise, Stretch and Ergonomic.


With the passion that hasn't dwindled since the early days, Eider's teamwork ensures every collection offers the best. The first goal is to provide efficient clothing for skiing with a feeling comfort in movement for its user.


As ski fans know, the adaptive movement is really important in the practice of this sport. That's why you can find stretch material in 90% of the products offered by the brand in the 2019-2020 collection.


The new technic used by Eider is called Insert Motion. It is a technic that allows the product to be extremely ergonomic. This insert is placed in places that normally would be subject of tension. Besides this factor, this addition offers more breathability.

  Here is a video made by our team at La Folie Douce to illustrate this performance

And few photos of La Fruitière team wearing Eider

If you've as convinced by Eider's products as we were, here's a link to shop the collection ​- www.eider.com