CITROËN : How to prepare for a comfortable and safe mountain ride with CITROËN

CITROËN and their SUV models are technologically well equipped and remarkably comfortable when driving, so to prep for your most adventurous trips in mountain they present you with an all you need guide for a safe journey.

Winter is not really over in the Alps, so are you ready to hit the mountain roads? 

Nature is sometimes unpredictable; it can play tricks on you when you least expect it…especially in extreme conditions. This can lead to the prospect of driving in these conditions becoming quite the source of stress.

Driving on winter mountain roads involves multiple risks, with winding, somewhat slippery or snowy roads and sequences of climbs and descents, there are a multitude of obstacles. In order to embark on a serene journey, we advise the first thing you do is to ensure that your vehicle is in good condition. 

Here are the various checks you should make before you start on mountain roads

When you start to venture on these risky alpine roads, think of a suitable vehicle.

Here are some important points to add to your checklist:

- Brakes are in good condition

- Lights are working properly

- Tire pressure is in line with the logbook recommendations

- Tires without signs of wear. Equip your vehicle with snow tires and do not forget chains if the ground is snowy or icy

Have a vehicle equipped with accessories adapted for increased safety

When snow descends on the mountain, to ensure added security you will need efficient equipment.

Be careful and well prepared. If your vehicle does not have the specific tires to navigate these slippery and icy roads, ensure that you bring snow chains to avoid a possible loss of control.

Remember to test the assembly of the chains before you leave home, so you are accomplished when fitting on mountain roads.

With all this in mind, the CITROËN C3 and C5 AIRCROSS SUVs are two models perfectly equipped for snow conditions.

The Grip Control adapts the traction in the front wheels according to its terrain. With multiple functionality, it is also possible to let the Grip Control act automatically via standard mode or to select one of five modes (Standard, Snow, Mud, Sand, ESP OFF.)

Thanks to this system, the CITROËN C3 and C5 AIRCROSS SUVs is steadfast on all types of road without compromising comfort.

In addition to Grip Control, these vehicles boast a Hill Assist Descent function, which keeps the vehicle at a reduced speed. Providing control and safety even on steep slopes, this function aids to reduce the risk of slipping or speeding as the vehicle progresses downhill.

The CITROËN C5 AICROSS SUV is the ideal car to keep you safe on mountain roads and for those who believe leisure is a must, all cars can also be equipped with heated seats!

Vigilance is essential in the mountains

When battling bad weather, do not hesitate to anticipate the conditions. Before hitting the road, check the state of the roads online, especially in the mountains as they can be particularly risky. Be sure to equip your vehicle, adapt your driving to the circumstances 

So, with all these tips at hand from CITROËN, do not worry, you will be ready to face all conditions and most of all, enjoy the journey!

Discover the new SUV CITROEN C3 and C5 AIRCROSS models: 


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