Do you think you know everything about champagne? Maybe not!

Which food with MUMM Champagne? How to enjoy a glass of champagne?

Our sommelier, Morgane has the answers to all your questions.

- How did you become sommelier?

I resumed my studies in September 2016 to undertake a Mention Complémentaire Sommellerie at the "Henriman" training centre in Nantes. After ten months of internships and courses I graduated as a Sommelier.In November 2017, I joined the team at La Folie Douce in my first official post as a sommelier.

I find working a sommelier very exciting and very enriching, as it involves meeting winemakers, oenologists passionate about their job and creations. Also, it is a profession where you can exchange and advise others, which adds an additional element to my satisfaction. All this, plus being at 2400 metres above sea level at La Folie Douce provides a sumptuous setting daily.

- What is the ideal temperature for a glass of champagne?

Generally, with champagnes such as Mumm Brut, the ideal temperature for the consumption is between 6°C and 9°C. Given that it warms in the glass, it can then be drunk in good conditions between 8°C and 12°C.

In the end everything really depends on the type of champagne and the moment of tasting.

For certain wines, such as the 2008 Mumm vintage or the Mumm Rosé, the ideal tasting temperature may be higher to release the rich and complex aromas of these champagnes, especially when the wine is served during meals. In this case, you can serve the Champagne between 10°C and 12°C or even 11°C and 13°C for some vintages.

- How is the gas made in champagne?

The gas is CO2, a naturally occurring reaction which forms during the alcoholic fermentation process. Reaction with the yeast and sugar present in the grape juice is converted into alcohol and CO2. This fermentation takes place in the heart of the closed bottles, as the gas cannot escape it accumulates in the champagne.

- How long does champagne keep?

It is important to understand that a non-vintage champagne must be aged 1 year in bottle before being marketed and 3 years for a vintage. A great vintage usually gets its full measure and flavour after 10 years of age. In addition, champagne is a wine, it naturally has a potential to keep.

- Is it necessary to drink champagne in a flute or in a glass?

The flute, thin and slender is a better choice for serving champagne. It concentrates the bubbles and therefore you experience a diffusion of aromas


At the table! What food / champagne pairing?


- What would you suggest as appetisers for an aperitif with champagne?

Toast of foie gras, raw salmon, fried shrimps or a toast of caviar

- Which starter with champagne?

With the Mumm Grand Cordon for example, an entree made with foie gras or freshwater fish would be a perfect match.


- What would you suggest as a main dish with champagne?

I would suggest a dish with poultry, white meat. For example, a filet mignon of pork is an ideal match.

- Which cheese is better eat with champagne?

It is preferable to associate champagne with soft cheese and rind (Brie, Chaource), ripened goat cheese and pressed cheese (Laguiole).

- Can we say that cheese pairs well with wines and drinks from their region of origin?

I would say that you have to know the essential flavours, properties of the cheese and wine of their region. Indeed, all wines will not release the key properties of all cheeses.

For example, often white wine is more versatile, elegant, round and smooth. A goat cheese would be delightful with a fresh, expressive white wine. with a long acidity. Valencay, for example, will accompany a wine from Sancerre or Pouilly-Fumé.

- Which dessert suits champagne?

Take for example the semi-dry Mumm blends perfectly with desserts. A fruit salad, a morning tart or with an apricot crumble would make perfect partners.

- How to get the best from your champagne?

By focusing first on the process or development of the product, i.e. the grape variety (s) that gave birth to this champagne. With this knowledge we direct ourselves to appropriate dishes.

I would also say by listening to the advice of an enthusiast and observing their own feelings, opinions.

- Why Mumm over the rest?

La Folie Douce, Val D'Isère has been working with Mumm Champagne for four years. Mumm is present throughout all La Folie Douce venues. We must meet the expectations of not only our French guests, but our foreign visitors too, so it is imperative we offer a quality champagne. The House of Mumm has charmed us with its history and authenticity, so they are the perfect addition to our brand.

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