The Folie Team

The Folie Team

Our artists are here all season to get the party started - to a musical beat!

NIPSEN – Artistic director – Resident DJ

To understand who this French DJ is and how far he will go, you just need to take a look at his past: 
Julie Nipsen can thank his parents for his musical talent. Immersed from an early age, raised on pop and rock and, later, innovative "French touch" bands like Daft Punk. Julien's passion for music turned creative when he started his career as a producer in 2012.

Joining the Folie Douce team in 2014 allowed him to broaden his experience while offering new opportunities.

Thanks to four new tracks - "C189", "California Dreaming", "Gykoz" and "Kazaar" - he won the support of big names including Oulinez, Gregori Klosman, Wayne & Woods, Tony Romera, Amersy etc…giving Julien and his music worldwide exposure.

This season, we'll see where the Folie Douce season will take him next.

MAX MILLER – Resident DJ

Max Miller, the 23-year-old DJ and producer, knows how to get après sessions going at the Folie Douce.

With a proven background in the famous clubs of Paris and Saint-Tropez, he is now the Folie Douce Avoriaz's resident DJ.

NUMIDIA - Singer

Numidia is a House and Neo Soul singer-songerwriter. Born in Algeria, she studied classical and Arab-Andalusian music from an early age.

Numidia lives in Paris and works on live sets and with DJs and soul groups in France and overseas.

Instagram : @iamnumidia


Fauve is a singer who's enjoyed success on the Paris rock scene for almost 10 years. What started as a passion, quickly become a career.

Quirky and with lots of personality, her musical style – that's often described as fringe – has become her USP. Now known as PunkyPinkyRose, hers is an alternative rock style with a powerful voice and unique personality not to be missed!

Instagram :  @Iampunkypinkyrose

DEAMINA - Violonist

Life and energy through violin music! A colourful musical palette inspired by fun!

Unique sounds from a violin player who's travelled through Europe and Russia playing classical, jazz, hip-hop, folk, tango, gipsy and other progressive vibes. Following on from the sets of blues and rock festivals, the Grand Rex and Zénith theatre halls in Paris performing with Dionysos, Emilie Simon and Ann Pierle, Deamina - and her violin - will be in Avoriaz playing and dancing the après-ski afternoons away at the Folie Douce! 

Instagram :   @Deanima_violonist

FABIEN | Guitarist

"I enjoy sharing around music especially when it's spontaneous ... Confronting styles and cultures without taking yourself seriously. "Rich of international experiences, studio work and solo concerts, this singer-guitarist northern France has always been particularly close to blues, soul, reggae and rock!

Instagram :   @fabientaverne

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