FOLIE TEAM 2019-2020

FOLIE TEAM 2019-2020

With style, energy and a healthy dose of fun to boot, our performers are ready to set Folie Douce Avoriaz on fire!

This season, you'll find PinkyRose, Deanima, Fabien and Nipsen, and an all-new team that's even crazier and more passionate than ever! 


Fauve has been making waves for nearly 10 years now on the Paris rock circuit. Singing was her passion before it became her profession.

Known by the stage name PinkyRose, she puts her powerful vocals to good use on Indie rock anthems. Her original and confident style already won us over last year, and she's sure to make it happen again this season!

Instagram : @iampunkypinkyrose

DEAMINA - Violonist

Deanima the virtuoso violinist is ready for her big comeback at Folie Douce Avoriaz !

Life and energy put to music!

Her musical style harks back to her classical conservatory training and her international background that's taken in folk, traditional sounds, jazz, hip-hop, tango, gypsy, lounge, clubbing and progressive ambience.

Deanima's mastery of impromptu sets sounds like a liberty bell, so get ready to experience something you're not going to forget.

Instagram :   @Deanima_violonist
Facebook :  deanima violoniste

Fabien Taverne - Guitarist

A fan of guitar blues for as long as he can remember, Fabien turned his passion into his profession. He loves it when different musical styles mix and even more so when there's a chance for music to bring people together.

Fabien is back at Folie Douce Avoriaz one more time to give us his electro-rock vibe!

Instagram : @fabientaverne

NIPSEN - Responsable artistique - DJ Résident

To understand who this French DJ is and how far he will go, you just need to take a look at his past:
Julie Nipsen can thank his parents for his musical talent. Immersed from an early age, raised on pop and rock and, later, innovative "French touch" bands like Daft Punk. Julien's passion for music turned creative when he started his career as a producer in 2012.

Joining the Folie Douce team in 2014 allowed him to broaden his experience while offering new opportunities. 

Instagram : @iamnipsen

Motayce - DJ/Producer - New

Motayce is a French DJ/Producer.

Attracted by the hip-hop and funk sound as a child, he started mixing at the age of 12.

In Paris, he turned to producing, getting inspiration from 90s deep house, as much as from current Tech House.

Spotted by Levi's and Warner music in 2017, he's appeared next to Sucré X Salé, Deux Mesures and also Thérapie Paris.

He's coming to join the Folie Team Avoriaz to share his passion with us!

Instagram : @motayce

Loiza – Singer - New

Influenced by Afro-American and Latin sounds, Loiza developed her vocals through different experiences and styles from choral to gospel, along with sessions with electro names like Kazy Lambist or Glasses, plus salsa groups and soul performers.

New in Avoriaz, get ready to wonder at Loiza's out-of-this-world sound!

Instagram : @eloloiza
Facebook : Loïza

Jordan Ellak – Singer - New

Jordan started in music when he was just 8 years old; now, a few singing lessons and years later, at 21, he got into the contemporary music Conservatory in Aix-en-Provence where he's broadened his skill set and found his musical style: his forte is songs with a strong message, pop ballads with a soul vibe, funk, groove and electro.

His influences are many, from Aretha Franklin to Vianney, as well as Ed Sheeran and Celine Dion.

Come and find Jordan at Folie Douce for a musical moment that'll leave you with goosebumps!

Instagram : @jordan_e_d


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