Check out the fast and folie of our artistic manager and DJ Resident : Julien Nipsen.
To understand who this French DJ is and how far he will go, you just need to take a look at his past:
Julie Nipsen can thank his parents for his musical talent. Immersed from an early age, raised on pop and rock and, later, innovative "French touch" bands like Daft Punk. Julien's passion for music turned creative when he started his career as a producer in 2012.

Joining the Folie Douce team in 2014 allowed him to broaden his experience while offering new opportunities.

Thanks to four new tracks - "C189", "California Dreaming", "Gykoz" and "Kazaar" - he won the support of big names including Oulinez, Gregori Klosman, Wayne & Woods, Tony Romera, Amersy etc…giving Julien and his music worldwide exposure.

This season, we'll see where the Folie Douce season will take him next.