La Folie Douce offers a wide variety of employment opportunities.
In the restaurant : waiting on table, front of house, kitchen assistant, cashier.
In admin : human resources, staff relations, management, accounting, product buying, general admin.
In marketing and development : advertising, communications, computer graphics, community management, public relations.
In performance arts : choreographers, dancers, singers, musicians, DJs, sound engineers, composers, video technicians, writers and costume designers and makers.
In other areas : security, coaching and training, model making, etc…

Professional training for professional staff
It’s especially so in the tourist industry, the speed of change, the fierce competition, and the demands of the international public are ever-increasing.
Our job at Folie Douce is to adapt our business to those changes and surprises, because the better we perform, the better we’ll make the difference up there in our mountains.
At La Folie Douce, in such a competitive world, acquiring and developing skills is not just a necessity, it’s our advantage.

our dna

a family affair

a responsible business

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