• La Folie Douce open 2016
  • La Folie Douce by le Majestic
luc reversade

Folie Douce DNA

The Folie Douce has been amazing (people) since 1980. In the great outdoors, with a living backdrop of dancers, divas and DJs, LFD invites fun-seekers of all ages to share their unique mix of high-quality cuisine and high-altitude clubbing.
The LFD reputation lies in the strength of its core values : originality, freedom, and an undying thirst to “keep it real” The plan ? Communicating our message, giving maximum pleasure, developing a Lifestyle and sharing the experience.

Ouvertures | La Folie Douce
Perché depuis 1969 | La Folie Douce

MAG #1 | 2010

MAG #2 | 2011

MAG #3 | 2012

MAG #4 | 2013

MAG #5 | 2014

MAG #6 | 2015


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